Cameroon Anglophone separatists Diaspora take Paris by storm

Protesters in Paris, Monday July 17, 2017 ©All rights reserved

Cameroon Anglophone separatists Diaspora take Paris by storm

The citizens originating from Cameroon’s North West and South West regions stage a massive protest, carrying placards and chanting intriguing accusations Southern Cameroonians from several countries in Europe took to the streets of Paris this week calling on the French government to stop sponsoring terrorist regimes in Africa like that of…



Was the Cameroon diaspora forum necessary?

  • Elvis Ndifor


    No, it was not necessary. We don't need Diaspora Forum right now. We need a national dialogue to address the current crisis going on. Why do we always like to leave the object and chase the shadow. It was just another excuse for government to throw away money. Where are the declarations from the forum. All summits end up with Declarations that are immediately made public on their closing ceremonies for follow up and implementation. But this forum has produced none. So it was not necessary.

  • Etenge Coneillius

    Business man

    It was a very necessary and great initiative. It was about time government and the diaspora sit and talk frank talk, in the bid to ensure the development of Cameroon. Through the forum, we saw how government relaxed some procedures for setting up businesses. This will encourage Cameroonians from the Diaspora to invest in the country.
    The forum equally cleared doubts on communication about many hurdles such as bureaucratic barriers and corruption, which discourage many people at times.
    I think it was very necessary.

Published on 21.07.2017

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