Biya’s frequent visits abroad: Are they necessary?

  • Denis Kongso Lafon

    Retired Journalist, Limbe

    It is his prerogative. I can only note that the Head of State travels a lot because that is his prerogative. As the Head of State, he can go wherever he wants. He can have his programme and that is also his prerogative. I can’t say anything about it apart from the fact that it is his right. To say that his travels constitute an economic drain to the economy, that would be casting judgement because, as the Head of State, he knows what is good for his people and what is not good for them

  • Mathy Nji

    Teacher, Bamenda

    It is just a way of wasting the country's resources. I look at President Biya’s frequent visits abroad as a way of wasting the country’s resources because he is supposed to visit the regions and have contacts with the population. But he goes abroad frequently and we don’t see some of the benefits coming from his contacts. His stay abroad is usually very long and he signs decrees out there. So, it is just like an absentee landlord who is never present in the house and as such things cannot move on smoothly

Published on 16.03.2017

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