Consortium leaders likely to be freed on June 7

L-R Barrister Agbor Kongho and Dr Fontem Neba ©All rights reserved

Consortium leaders likely to be freed on June 7

Today’s hearing at the Yaounde Military Tribunal, of Consortium leaders and about 23 other supposed activists of the on-going protests in Anglophone Cameroon has ended with the state prosecutors, agreeing to a request by the defence counsel. They denied the Ben Muna led counsel’s request for bail but agreed the…



Is anything wrong with May 20 celebrations?

  • Mark Bara

    Let 1 October be celebrated by all Cameroonians as a National Day

    What has become of 1 October which was the day the two Cameroons (East and West) finally became one following the 11 February 1961 plebiscite? Should 1 October not be a better day to be celebrated as a national day since it was the Reunification day that brings in mind the history and culture of the two Cameroons?

    Anyone who dares to mention the above date is seen as the enemy of the state but history teaches us the facts and there is no way we can run away from history. Politicians and historians have just decided to twist our history in their favour distorting the real meaning and facts of 1 October 1961, the supposed national day.

    Let 1 October be celebrated by all Cameroonians as a National Day; a day when the agreement of 11th February 1961 plebiscite finally came into fruitful in what is known as Re-unification rather than witch-hunting anyone who dares celebrate it.
    Cameroonians should learn to respect the real meaning of their historical independence dates as it happens in other countries.

    Editor's note: Bara is currently calling for a boycott of the celebrations as part of a protest against marginalisation of Anglophones.

  • Prof Ngole Ngole Elvis

    National Unity is worth celebrating on May 20

    The National Day has been set aside by the state for citizens to express and manifest their communion with each other, their expression of gratitude for belonging to the national family; for all the security and constitutional protection; for their pride of being born by their father and mother on a given territory.

    Such a day is just like a wedding day, citizens should put aside all problems they are facing and put up a smile on that day and show pride to the fatherland. If there are problems, we have other days of the year we can use to solve them.

    It is unfortunate that some politicians of great quality and competence are opting for a boycott of this day when they should be teaching citizens by example, that is by participating in celebrations.

Published on 05.05.2017

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