Should common law lawyers resume work on May 2?

  • Jacob Ateh in Bamenda


    Lawyers should resume work, because from all indications, government is taking care of the grievances and the majority of issues shall be addressed. On a personal basis, I would have said those arrested be released, but as a lawyer, I am tempted to say the judicial process has to take its course. Else, since we are always crying that judiciary should be independent, let us leave the judiciary to prove whether those arrested are guilty or not. If they are not guilty of the offences, they eventually will be released.

  • Christopher Ndong


    Common law lawyers will not resume work until all arrested colleagues and protesters are released. Anglophone lawyers are ready to go back to court. But under certain conditions. First, common law lawyers and anglophones are in Kondengui prison because they are claiming their rights. So as long as our fellow lawyers and demonstrators are not released, we will not resume work. We know government is making some concessions but we all know that those measures have to go through a bill and tabled in the national assembly before it becomes law.

Published on 28.03.2017

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