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Artificial ripening of plantain causes cancer

In an investigation conducted in Cameroon’s Capital, Yaounde, writer Iris Bitjoka discovers how many traders use “Mat” a growth regulator, to ripen plantain and sell to the population.

The investigation, unearthed the rampant use of the chemical in almost all markets in Yaounde. “Mat” which hasten the ripening of plantains and other food items, the report states is on the rise due to the increasing demand of ripe plantains by the population.

This phenomenon, medic warn poses a serious danger to the health of consumers and is a major cause of the deadly cancer disease.  Despite this warning many traders are of the opinion that using the chemicals boost business since it takes only three to four days for plantains product to ripen when using the product.

With the steep rise of cancer cases in the country over the past few years, many hope government will pass tougher laws which punish traders who use the chemical on food stuffs.



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