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Botswana witnesses spike in wildlife-human conflict

Botswana’s decision to impose a hunting ban has led to an increase in the population of wildlife, a statement from the Kalahari Conservation Society said Monday.It said this has resulted in high rates of human-wildlife conflict as communities residing adjacent to wildlife ranges clash with wildlife over the damage caused to their livestock and property.

The statement said families have been left impoverished after elephants destroyed their fields.

According the statement, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks reported that human-wildlife conflicts rose nationwide to 6,770 in 2014 from 4,361 in 2012.

Communities are believed to be developing negative attitude toward conservation since they feel they cannot conserve what they do not benefit from directly, the statement said. 

According to official reports, trusts lost funds amounting to more than US$700,000 in the last 12 months due to the hunting ban.

The reports also revealed that close to 200 jobs have been lost because of the ban, and there are fears that more retrenchments could occur.


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