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Cameroon passport ranked most expensive in Africa.

Jeune Afrique, has rated the Cameroonian passport as one of the most expensive in the African continent.

Jeune Afrique’s assessment is based on the cost of getting a passport in each country in Africa. According to All Afrikan Network, it was revealed that it takes 114 euros to afford a passport in Cameroon placing the country in 4th position.

Chad occupies the first place (228 euros), followed by the DR Congo (164 euros) and Burundi in the 3rd place (123 euros) and Cameroon comes 4th (114 euros), followed by Madagascar (90 euros), then Burkina Faso and Mali (76 euros). Mauritania comes in 8th position (75 euros), Côte d’Ivoire and Gabon  (60.9 euros) complete the list of top 10 countries with  most expensive passports in Africa.

It should be recalled that Cameroon passport holders can travel to 16 countries in the world visa free, according to the pan African newspaper’s report.



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