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    • Douala: Governor blames Mboppi explosion on terrorism

      - 17h38

      Littoral Governor Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua has said the explosion around SCDP Mboppi in Douala today was a terrorist attack.

      “Terrorist have left from the Far North to Bamenda and now in Douala”, another government official reportedly told the press in Douala.

    • Irate protesters storm Buea Mayor’s residence

      - 17h19

      Some youth protesters have reportedly stormed the residence of Ekema Patrick Esunge, Mayor of Buea municpality.

      One person is said to have died from a stray bullet and vehicles destroyed.


    • 72nd UNGA: Biya adresses empty hall

      - 14h23

      President Paul Biya of Cameroon is currently speaking at the ongoing United Nations General Assembly.

      Much to the surprise of many Cameroonians, the President’s speech on poverty alleviation, and peace is addressed to a handful of leaders given that the hall is seemingly empty.

    • Thursday 21 September
    • Bamenda: Bomb explosion leaves three injured

      - 09h50

      Reports this morning from Bamenda, Chief Town of the North West region say a bomb explosion just occurred at the hospital roundabout.

      Two persons are reportedly wounded while the perpetrators are still not known.

    • Wednesday 20 September
    • Cameroon: Students to receive Biya’s Computer gifts in November

      - 10h15

      Jacques Fame Ndongo, Cameroon’s Higher Education Minister has announced that President Biya’s gifts, comprised of eighty thousand computers will be distributed to students in November.

    • Tuesday 19 September
    • Cameroon: Gov’t suspends Vodafone operations

      - 14h38

      Cameroon’s Minister of Post and Telecommunications has suspended activities of the Vodafone communication company in Cameroon.

      According to official sources, most Vodafone stores have been shut down with employees, sent on technical leave.

    • African Netflix “Afrostream”, shuts down

      - 14h31

      The founder and CEO of the project Tonje has announced the closure of the online streaming platform for afro movies.  

      Tonje says the principal investor pulled out, and that the rising popularity of illegal streaming didn’t do them any justice. Due to the fact that they haven’t been making any profits lately, they had to close down in France. The platform is present in Belgium, England, and other African countries.

    • Far North: Soldier dies in mine explosion

      - 14h27

      Corporal Abakar Mahamat lost his life in a mine explosion which occurred Friday in Wulba.

      Reports say Abakar Mahamat and other members of the vigilance group were alerted of the presence of Boko haram in the region. In an attempt to stop the terrorists, one member of the vigilance group stepped on an explosive which killed Corporal Abakar Mahamat and two other members of the vigilance group.

    • Monday 18 September
    • Five million trees to be planted in Cameroon

      - 12h06

      To regenerate the forest in Cameroon, 5 million trees are being planted with support from youths.

      This was the result of a convention signed today in Youndé between the agency of development participation and a local non governmental organisation with the aim of reviving the forests in the eastern part of the country.

    • Digitisation marks alphabetisation day

      - 12h05

      The 51th edition of the alphabetisation day was celebrated this Friday under the theme “Alphabetisation in a digital world”.

      To mark the event, the yaoundé alphabetisation centre signed a partnership convention with the Mfoundi CPDM Section with the objective of training a hundred of young CPDM militants in the eastern region. 58 alphabetisation centers exist in the east of Cameroon, spread in the four departments of the region.

    • Friday 08 September
    • CAF/FIFA joint mission to reveal normalisation committee members today

      - 13h21

      The joint CAF/ FIFA team made up of four officials will present members to make up the fecafoot normalisation committee today in Yaounde.

      Members of the fifa/caf delegation said their mission has nothing to do with the 2019 Afcon.

    • Thursday 07 September
    • Cameroon: Sports Minister to receive heavyweight boxer Assen Fokou today

      - 12h45

      Assen Fokou, Cameroonian heavyweight boxer who won a bronze medal at the 2017 world box championship in Germany will be receive today by Bidoung Mkpat, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education.

      The plus 91kg category boxer recorded the best performance for Cameroon and Africa at the world competition.

    • Stakeholders reiterate good hygiene conditions in schools

      - 12h35

      Health stakeholders and public authorities have underscored the need to strictly respect hygiene in schools as the classes begin this September.

      They urged school administrators to be keen on the hygienic conditions of food sellers in schools.

    • Cameroon: External Relations Minister receives Swiss Ambassador

      - 12h23

      Le Jeune Mbela Mbela, Cameroon’s Minister of External Relations, on September 6, 2017 received in audience Pietro Lazzari, the new Swiss Ambassador to Cameroon.

      During the meeting which lasted an hour at the Ministry of External Relations, Ambassador Pietro Lazzari presented true copies of his letters of credence to the minister for his nomination as Swiss Ambassador to Cameroon. He was the first Swiss chief of mission to Italy.

    • Biya discuss bilateral ties with outgoing US Ambassador

      - 12h14

      Paul Biya, Cameroon’s Head of State and Michael S. Hoza, the outgoing United States Ambassador to Cameroon met yesterday to review bilateral ties between the two countries and discuss on the end of the Ambassador’s stay in Cameroon.

      Stephen Hoza has been in Cameroon for the last three years.

    • Wednesday 06 September
    • Douala Laquintinie hospital delocalised emergency services

      - 16h05

      Reports say the hospital administrators delocalised its emergency services for construction work.  

    • Two die in Tiko road accident

      - 12h32

      Two persons have died in a road accident around Likomba. Tiko-Mutengene road.

    • 3 die in Boko Haram Zeba attack

      - 10h14

      Boko Haram yesterday September 5 attacked the Zeba village in Mayo-Moskota killing three persons.

      Eight persons were reportedly abducted  while 46 houses have been burnt including a church.

    • Tuesday 05 September
    • Kenya: Raila odinga threatens to boycott rerun for presidential elections.

      - 17h22

      The opposition leader says he will not take part in the presidential election to take place on the 31st of october if legal and constitutional guarantees are not assured.

    • Monday 04 September
    • 15 die in Edea -Yaounde road accident

      - 13h45

      At least 15 persons are reported dead after a road accident which occurred along the Edea-Yaounde over the weekend.

    • Thursday 31 August
    • Ayah Paul has left SED

      JDC - 13h07

      Ayah Paul Abine has just left SED where he was detained since january 2017. According to a reliable source, Ayah Paul first resisted, saying he wants to go to Kondengui. Gendarmes have decided not to let him go home alone. He will be escorted to his house in Yaoundé.

    • Wednesday 30 August
    • Biya orders release of Anglophone activists

      - 17h15

      President Paul Biya has ordered the liberation of  Ayah Paul Abine, Agbor Bala, Dr Fontem Neba and all those arrested during  the wake of the Anglophone Crisis.

    • Thursday 24 August
    • Biya donates 220 vehicles to army

      - 14h20

      President Biya has donated some 220 vehicles to the Cameroonian army.

      The vehicles were distributed by the Minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defense, Joseph Beti Assomo to the infantry, firefighters and air force in some services of the country.  

    • FIFA takes control of FECAFOOT

      - 14h14

      The world governing football body, Fifa, yesterday signed a decision creating a normalisation committee to manage the affairs of the cameroon football federation, FECAFOOT.

      This comes after the failure of the later to come to a decision on its leadership. The Fifa appointed mandate will have a duration of six months to perform its task.

    • Wednesday 23 August
    • Amchide: 6 die in B/H suicide attack

      - 09h06

      Four members of the vigilante group and two Boko Haram suicide bombers have died in an explosion attack in Amchide, Far North Region of Cameroon.

      Several others are reportedly wounded in last night’s attack.

    • Youth drilled on dangers of HIV in Yaounde

      - 08h49

      In collaboration with the “holiday without AIDS” movement, the CERAC women have organised   campaign to drill youth on the dangers and the reality of AIDS through social media.

      The campaign is taking place at the Yaoundé Omnisport stadium.

    • B/H militants snip cattle in Far North Cameroon

      - 08h49

      The terrorist group have reportedly stolen more 50 cattle this morning in Far North Cameroon.

    • Bamenda: Youth urged to take part in developmental training.

      - 08h45

      Close to 100 youth in Bamenda, chief town of the North West region, Cameroon, have been called to participate in a training on development.

      The call was made by the minister of youth and civic education

    • Tuesday 22 August
    • Cameroon : Rice farmers counselled against exporting

      - 15h22

      Rice farmers in Bamenda have been advice to put a halt on exports so that markets in the country can have a steady supply of locally produced rice.

      The counsel was made by some CPDM lawmakers recently during their tour in rice producing villages in Bamenda.

    • Bamenda: Kai village gets new Fon

      - 15h17

      Kai village of the Momo division in the North West region, Cameroon, now has a new Fon in the person of His Royal Majesty Akam Gwei Tam III.

      While officially presenting him to the people of kai, the senior divisional officer for Momo instructed the new Fon to uphold the tradition of the village and enhance its development.

      It should be recalled that the throne of kai has been vacant since last July 9 when Fon Akam Thomas disappeared in a ghastly motor accident on his way to Yaoundé. He has been described as an exemplary leader.  The presentation of his successor, many say is a sign of hope for the people of Kai.

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