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CPDM Proposals To The SDF For a Peaceful Democracy In Cameroon

Below are proposals made at the second CPDM—SDF working committee at Mbankolo in Yaounde by the ruling party to the leading opposition for the promotion of a democracy of appeasement in Cameroon.

At the Political Level

  1. The reinforcement of the state of law and of democracy. B) The promotion of a genuine democratic culture based on values such as mutual respect, mutual acceptance, tolerance and dialogue. C) Respect for a code of good conduct which entails: Respect for the institutions of the Republic – Respect for the laws and regulations of the Republic- Respect for the authority of the state-Non-resort to violence in politics(dialogue should always be used to solve political conflicts, hence the necessity to put in place a framework for mutual concertation and acceptance).D) Support for the President of the Republic in the defense of territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

At the Economic Level

  1. A) Support for the three year economic and finance program signed with the IMF B) Repudiation of tax evasion.

At the Social Level

A commitment to the preservation of social peace (which implies notably the non-involvement of political parties in labour and other social conflicts).

At the International Level

A)The promotion of a positive image of the country abroad B)The promotion of a mutually-beneficial cooperation with all countries in general and the search for peaceful and harmonious relations with neighbouring countries in particular.

The CPDM reserves the right to add other items to the present list of proposals in the course of the negotiations. Source: Cameroon Tribune N°6499 of Tuesday 16 December 1997.


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