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Fight against polio: Journalists commit to step up sensitisation

Journalists pose for group photo

 Some reporters in Cameroon have resolved to increase advocacy against poliomyelitis across the national territory. The commitment to help eradicate the disease was made September 12, 2017 at the end of a debriefing workshop in prelude to the Governors forum against polio, Ebola and HIV/AIDs organised by UNICEF, in partnership with various international and national technical partners in Ebolowa.

During the workshop, journalists were told that poliomyelitis, a disease which causes paralysis in children is predominant in the South region. Presenting the disease situation in the region, Charlotte Njua, a representative from the regional delegation of public health, said one, out of the nine polio wild cases discovered in 2014, was in the South region. Since the discovery of the wild polio disease, she went on, mass vaccination campaigns have been carried out.

Charlotte Njua, however stated that much still needs to be done as many children in the region are still to be vaccinated. On the region’s Ebola risk situation, journalists were told the south region is at high risk given that it is located adjacent countries already affected by the disease. The media men were urged to sensitise the people to pick up good hygienic habits as a means to prevent the disease.

37 000 people are living with HIV

Regarding HIV/AIDs prevalence situation, Dr. Stephanie Abessolo, Coordinator of the fight against AIDs in the region, told reporters that 37 000 people are living with HIV in the region. She revealed that 90 percent of people living with virus contracted the virus through sexual intercourse. The coordinator noted that many people in the region still consider HIV as witchcraft while others think the disease is contracted from mosquito bites.

Dr. Abessolo exhorted pressmen to work hard towards changing these wrong perceptions. Journalists for their part, committed to launch an all-out war against these negative health vices and fully engage their respective media organs towards a polio free Cameroon.

The Governor’s forum, to begin today September 13, is an advocacy and leadership event aimed at engaging leaders to properly participate in the fight against polio, promotion of routine vaccination and heath of Cameroonians. It is expected to bring together political, religious and civil society leaders of the South region.


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