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Social entrepreneur digitalising fight against maternal mortality

About 70 percent of women in Cameroon do not have access to health insurance. A majority of these women living in rural areas do not have enough money for prenatal and neonatal health care. These are said to be some of the major causes of infant and maternal mortality in the country.

A Cameroonian start-up known as SAVEMYCHILD (SMC) is introducing a health program intended to curb infant and maternal mortality by 15percent. SMC plans to achieve this by helping pregnant women prepare for pregnancies by saving up some money and subscribing to services of medical doctors and district hospitals.

The project intends to provide mobile phones to pregnant women. Women who sign up for the scheme would be provided with automated regular content on maternity planning, pregnancy, family planning, breast feeding information. They would also be provided with other useful tips on reproductive health.

The project coordinator says family planning will be directly related to financial planning and micro-saving on Mobile phone-based financial services. It is a sort of e-health financing strategy implemented to enable pregnant women engage in regular savings and planning for pregnancies.

The start-up has partnered with another NGO, GiftedMom which is already saving lives by providing SMS reminders to pregnant women and end-to-end communication between medics and expectant mothers in remote villages in Cameroon.


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