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Talk to children about sex, parents urged

Andre Mama Fouda, Cameroon’s Public Health Minister has told parents to be more frank with their children about sex to help combat the high rate of maternal mortality in the country.

The Minister was speaking Thursday July 13 in Yaounde during a press briefing marking activities ahead of the 2017 Family Planning Mobilisation Week.

Minister Mama Fouda said research has repeatedly shown that children who talk openly to their parents wait longer to have sex and are less likely to get pregnant early.

He revealed that the forty percent maternal deads in Cameroon can be reduced if parents start discussing sex related issues to their children at puberty while families undertake family planning.

To him, open sex education and family planning are all means to avoid maternal mortality from an immature reproductive system. Andre Mama Fouda said indicators on family planning revealed that 1/3 of Cameroonians in a relationship used contraceptives and other artificial means in 2014.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Health, the use of contraceptives by Cameroonian woman has increased from 23 per cent in 2011 to 34 per cent in 2014, a trend which led to an indirect reduction in maternal mortality and unforeseen intricacies.

As part of the activities to fight unwanted pregnancies, respect child spacing and improve child birth, the Minister said government has created sixteen adolescent health units in five regions; Adamaoua, Far North, North, Centre and East that will serve to educate young Cameroonians on child bearing and family planning.

The centres to be planted in other five regions of the country will ensure the distribution of contraceptives youths of child bearing age and sexually active persons and families.

In line with this, the Cameroon government is also part of 2020 family planning initiative that encourages safe contraception, crisis funding for family planning and fight against maternal mortality.


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