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United States assists Cameroon’s health sector

Michael Stephen Hoza, US Abassador to Cameroon © US embassy in Yaounde

The United States government has assisted Cameroon with FCFA 1.5 billion for the construction of a Public Health Emergency Operations Center (COUS) in Cameroon.

According to US diplomatic services, the financial aid is aimed at constructing health infrastructures, provide medicines and the training of health personnel.

The health infrastructure to be based in Yaounde, will be a focal point for coordinating operational information and resources on strategic management of emergencies occurrences.

The implementation of this infrastructure falls within the framework of international health regulations which require states “to develop, strengthen and maintain their capacities to respond promptly and effectively to risks of international concern”. The US Public Health Emergency Operations Center is part of the US $ 156 billion CFA support program to support Cameroon’s health sector.


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